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Gutter Cleaning, Renewal and Maintenance


Guttering systems are a vital part of any property and are subjected to constant attacks by the British climate. Come rain or come shine it is important to keep your guttering clean and maintained to prevent increased risk of damage on and as equally important inside your home. DPD SERVICES eliminates these risks by offering a Bolton gutter cleaning service which is both professional and cost effective. To ascertain your system is functioning correctly we will provide:

  • Full system inspection
  • Internal clean & flush of system
  • External clean of guttering & down-drains
  • Bracket and clip replacement
  • Gutter guards
  • receiving drains & hoppers cleaned
  • Prices start from £35.00

Gutter-guards stop falling leaves, twigs and debris clogging up the system and can easily be installed.

DPD SERVICES also provides a guttering replacement facility with full and partial systems available direct from the manufacturer . All system modes are available and we recommend renewal of wooden troughing with vinyl systems as specified on inspection . Prices for full or partial replacement systems are subject to a full inspection and report. Further information can be obtained by contacting our helpdesk


For a free quotation or further information, call our 24 hour helpdesk:

e-mail info@dpdservices.co.uk


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